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SC-46YL2 / Автоматический токарный станок с ЧПУ

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Technical Parameters



Control system


Main spindle

Spindle front-end type


Distance from spindle center to work table


Dynamic system

Main spindle servo motor power


X-axis servo motor power


Y-axis servo motor power


Z-axis servo motor power


Rotary head servo motor power



Machining range

Set main spindle max speed


Main spindle max swing dia.


Max material bar though dia.


X-axis max travel


Y-axis max travel


Z-axis max travel


X/Z rapid travel speed


Y rapid travel speed


Machining precision

X/Y/Z repeat positioning accuracy


X/Y/Z positioning accuracy


Spindle rotation jumpiness


Tool configuration

Live head tool × Model


Hydraulic or servo turret

Turning tool 20×20

Boring tool Φ25 (Φ20)

Net weight





The key components and internal devices

1. High precision, high rigidity, all in one lathe base structure

High precision, high rigidity, all in one lathe base structure

a) 45℃slanted one-piece cast iron construction with internal heavy duty ribbing reduces vibrations and ensure the rigidity. Stress relived to remain de-formation-free year-after-year.

b) The bed structure is designed to suit coolant flow direction, which minimizes the possibility of coolant leakage while allowing smooth chip exhaust.

c) Compact design, able to install in a narrow space

2. High speed guide way HIWIN or PMI brand

High speed guide way HIWIN or PMI brandHIWIN or PMI guide is adapted on each guide section with 30 m/min of rapid feed speed. Especially, maintaining non-changeable precision for sustained use by adopted a PMI or HIWIN guide on the surface, which can minimize malfunction and wear that occurs in general slides.

3. PMI ball screw

PMI ball screwBall screw is fixed at its end by double anchor type, which makes it in parallel with guide way and achieves a stable forwarding. Especially, a ball screw with larger diameter is adopted and pre-pressure is applied, which improve thermal deformation and hardness.

4. POSA high precision and high rigidity main/sub Spindle

POSA high precision and high rigidity main/sub SpindleSpindle is designed to maintain high speed, high precision, high rigidity for a long continues operation by basically shutting off the heat with base and anti-heat plats.

Japan FANUC control system 5. Japan FANUC control system

1. FANUC 0i-TF system, high stability

2. Various G/M codes, suitable for basic mill/lathe

3. HPCC optimizes tool path and achieve finger surface

4. 3+1 axes CNC controller, 2 USB ports, 1 AN port

5. G-code programming, PLC ladder programming

6.USB connector—easer file transfer and support keyboard

7. Fluent HMI switching & instant boot up/I/O, 2 analogue outputs

6. Servo motor & drivers

Japan FANUC drivers---more smart.
Japan FANUC drivers

1. Japan YASKAWA feed servo motor;
2. FANUC main spindle servo motor;
servo motors
7. High quality oil bar feeder
High quality oil bar feeder
Taiwan “JIAHE 6” Chuck, Range:φ15mm~φ168mm
Taiwan “JIAHE 6” Chuck
8. 1) Taiwan “JIAHE 6” Hydraulic or Servo turret
Low failure rate and quick tool change,
Mini change time 0.1second/step;
ompact structure, high precision, high repositioning;
Taiwan “JIAHE 6” Hydraulic or Servo turret
2) Live Head / Rotating tool
Live Head / Rotating tool
9. Taiwan HERG Guide rail lubricating system
Taiwan HERG Guide rail lubricating system
10. Hydraulic system Space-saving;
Hydraulic system Space-savingLow noise, Good oil way design; Easy maintenance

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