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PRODIS (Тайвань)

Prodis-machine tools provider to the tool and mould making industry, with this definite vision we start from edm in 1976, in the process of echo to customers and market requirements, we take an advantage over taiwan superior and abundant spares and components supplying expand to produce of standard machining centers then lathe through tooling and consumables to automation solutions. Edm and vmc are the key words of technologies in tool and mold making, indispensable characteristics in the manufacturing of moulds and press tools for the series production of plastic, metal, glass parts and the machining of complex precision components. As a globally active group, prodis maintains a presence at more than 20 sites worldwide through taiwan headquarter organization and still growing by looking suitable agent, distributor or dealer to service each customer on site with shortest waiting. Prodis means professional solutions concept being able to supply all important technologies and products for tool and mold making from a single source, no matter where is our user, whole segment to tooling, automation, consumables and drive software system will get a guaranty of supplying 10 years at least which ensures the even flow of machines running and safeguards the smooth interchange between various system components. Today, as cost pressure keep growing, production time is getting shorter and skilled staff might be harder to find. Compatible system, automation, massive productivity, precision, use friendly and reliable supplier become the focus what customers are looking for. Our strategy is to intensify focus on customer needs in order to be a valuable and reliable partner with passion for after sale services. Thanks for global superior spares and components supplier and local consumables supplier can supply us efficiency items who like fanuc, mitsubishsi, siemens controller; mitutoyo and thk linear scale, imt spindle, sibe & mayer converter, therefore we can engage ourselves in machine performance by continuous researching assemble technology. With sufficient producing experiences and spares we also start to provide surface grinder to satisfy customer integrated requirements. Looking forward to your comments and criticizes to helps us to a better understanding of today's challenges and motivates us to build strong bridges between us that will carry on our successfully in the 21st century.

- Станки производства Тайвань

  • Токарные обрабатывающие центры PRODIS
    Наименование/модельPDL-T6PDL-T6APDL-T814PDL-T8PDL-T8AСистема ЧПУ FANUC 0i-TC     ПеремещенияОбработка над станинойØ420mmØ420mmØ600mmØ550mmØ550mmОбработка над суппортомØ330mmØ33...
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  • Электроэрозионные координатно-прошивные станки с ЧПУ
    Технические характеристики:Модель   PDS-322 CS  PDS-432 CS  PDS-432 CS  PDS-542С PDS-433MS PDS-433M  PDS-544M Перемещение по Хмм300400400500400400500Перемещение по Yмм2003003004003...
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  • Фрезерные обрабатывающие центры PRODIS
    Серия VF Модель ОписаниеЕд. изм.PDC-500VF Перемещение по Хмм500Перемещение по Yмм380Перемещение по Zмм400Расстояние от переднего конца шпинделя до столамм150-550Размер столамм650 Х 380Нагрузка на столкг200Мощность шпиндельного двигателякВт2,2 Mi...
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